IT Consultancy Services

We specialize in the following services.

  1.        IT business analyst Services
  2.       IT Transformation and Strategy in organizations
  3.      Setting up & Implementation of Cloud Computing Services
  4.      IT System Security
  5.       IT Training Services
  6.      System Software Quality assurance Consultancy
  7.      System Software & Integration consultant services

Marketing Consultant Services​

  1.     Setting Up the Promotional Campaigns
  2.     Handling Tailor Made Promotional Email Campaigns
  3.     Conducting Surveys and Polls
  4.     Reporting the Business with Research
  5.     Marketing Research
  6.     Setting up & Tracking Google AdWords & Reporting
  7.     Social Media Advertisements & PPC Advertisements
  8.      Branding, Creating Logos etc.
  9.      Professionally Designing Marketing Material
  10.      Sales and Promotional Letters
  11.     Handling, Engaging the Telesales Operations
  12.      Implementing Marketing Strategies to enhance the business growth.

Management Services

  1. Helping businesses in formulating and implementing business strategies.
  2. Helping Business in improving their performance, meeting KPI;s and growing by solving problems and finding new and better ways of doing things.
  3. Strategies implementation for increase in sales and customer retention.
  4. Staff training for checkout, stock control and newly installed software.
  5. Inventory Management and controlling Shrink